Walcott teaches Saka to be a gun god better than City Tails

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Former Arsenal/England winger Theo Walcott has urged young attacker Bukayo Saka to focus on building at the Emirates. Better than following the smell of success to come to Manchester City because the pay that must be paid may mean the status of just a factor.

Saka has been linked with Manchester City as a replacement for Raheem Sterling, who is set to keep the Etihad Stadium, plus Bernardo Silva is in the mood for a move to Bar Celona.

However , Walcott sees Saka still needing more games to strengthen his bones. So continuing to play for ‘ Cannon ‘ will benefit your career in the long run.  

“ Seriously, when Man City knocks on the door and invites you to attend. It is also difficult for a player to deny a comment on ‘ Talk Sport ‘ ufabet .

“ That pillow is still weak. But I can feel that he likes his role at Arsenal now , the supporters are amazing – and the Emirates. It’s one of the best arenas I’ve ever played in. ” 

“ Young Man has received great support. I want to think that the voice of my heart tells Saka to still play with Arsenal next season. ” 

” Because you have to understand that when you’re at Manchester City , your playing opportunities are limited. ” 

“ Going there might win a lot of championships. But that doesn’t mean that playing for Arsenal will continue to be empty-handed. I think the team is in the process of building a team in stages. It may be a bit slow . The last season has finished 5th . Let’s see the development. ” 

” I hope Bukayo can still play at Arsenal next season , I’m sure it will. ” 

Saka has two years left on his contract , 43 games in all competitions , 12 goals , seven assists .